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I know a lot of bands and musicians (I am one myself) so I have first-hand knowledge of their joys and struggles with technology. One topic that interests me greatly is the groove in electroacoustic bands. Because the groove is often driven by the computer in such bands it tends to sound more mechanical than organic. For some bands this is a big problem and they would much rather the band's rhythm section drive the music and restore its organic feel. This is where my work comes in. I have built a number of solutions to the organic groove problem using both hardware and software. These have been used live to the delight of band members and audience members alike.

Complete solutions

When it comes to live music technology a complete solution usually consists of both hardware and software. That is, the realtime DSP software is most often complemented by custom stage controls (e.g. footpedals), indicators and visuals. I use a range of technologies for a complete solution including Pure data, Juce (DSP), C++, Arduino and custom electronics.

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