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A band's debut EP needs to make a strong impression. Usually a release tour is the vehicle to get it out, but in this case that was not possible. The approach? Release a promotional video that pulls the audience directly into the songs with generative visuals.
ARLEQUINO is an alternative hard rock band. Unknown, but with a self-produced debut EP and an eagerness to get it out. With the constraint of operating as a "remote band", a gigging schedule wasn't yet on the cards so an alternative strategy was needed to make some (more) noise.

Visual agents

I developed a promotional video capturing both the energy of the songs and the technical nature of how the band produces its sound. In devising a way to map the songs to the visuals I reduced it to its most immediate and let the sound intensity alone drive everything. Then I threw in some agents to fly around the scene and let them also spell out the video's text placements.
The visuals were produced from a newly built openFrameworks application written in C++ and some GLSL (shaders) for lighting effects. The application has a universal code design such that it can be adapted to a multitude of use cases. Specifically new movements and visualisations of the agents can be easily written and plugged in.

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