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The Body Mapping Tool is "an engaging way to communicate and track physical feeling (pain/pleasure, emotion/mood) to facilitators, managers, medical doctors, sports coaches, nutritionists, psychological therapists. It aggregates individual and group experiences to support analysis, empathy and team bonding."
The tool allows the user to draw the emotion (s)he is currently experiencing on top an outline of the human body. In this way (s)he physically localises the emotion. By overlaying sketches done by multiple participants Orlagh has been able to give a single visual of where in the body people feel a given emotion.

Replayable drawings

I was particularly drawn to this project because of its potential to support positive growth in a range of spheres, from art to psychology to organisations. At the beginning I guided Orlagh on the choice of technologies to balance cost and extensibility, and proposed agile methodologies to maximise steering power based on user group feedback. We went with a client-server application running on Amazon Web Services. The client app is written in ReactJS and the server in node.js. The UI framework is SemanticUI.
All of the drawings are saved on the server as timed vector graphics so we can potentially replay each drawing exactly as it happened.

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Orlagh O'BrienThe Lab for Hidden Humanity

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