Cinematic computer game

Cinematic Quake 2

CinematiQ2 considers introducing the language of cinema to computer games, specifically with regard to camera work. Cinema has had over a century to develop a rich and expressive language to communicate key developments in the narrative to the viewer. At the time at which CinematiQ2 was developed, such language was not yet as developed in computer games.
The implementation is a modification library (mod) for the Quake 2 engine in addition to some direct modifications to the engine itself. The approach is to use the non-player characters, or bots, in the game to act as camera operators, each one seeking out a different kind of camera placement from the cinematic language.

Autonomous cinematographer

An autonomous cinematographer chooses the most appropriate camera at each moment in the game. For example, Establishing Camera when the player enters a new room, Character Camera to frame other characters, Navigation Camera, Combat Camera and Missile Camera when the player fires a well-aimed projectile at the enemy. Slow-motion and freeze frame effects are also used; the latter to ensure that the player is not at a disadvantage in progressing in the game due to camera angle changes

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Co-creative / technical direction

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Quake II game engine