Airborne light sculpture


Dríbergoble is an airborne light sculpture by Danish artist Tue Greenfort. It is a seven-metre long, inflatable, luminescent Sea Walnut. It floats 15 metres in the air while pulsing, rhythmic lights move through it. The lighting assembly consists of 9 LED strips embedded in the inflatable.
It was exhibited at Roskilde music festival in 2017. My role was to build and program the LED circuit with technical direction by House of North and project direction by Hannes Schmidt.

Wind-proof circuit

House of North designed the control circuit. The assembly consists of 9 LED strips (8 RGB strips and 1 UV strip), a circuit board containing 3 Arduino Nanos and custom cables. We built custom cabling to strengthen the connections between each LED strip and the enclosure. The enclosure itself keeps the circuit safe from rain and wind at high altitude. Hannes Schmidt and I designed the lighting sequences and I programmed them.

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Hannes Schmidt
House of North

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